Pacific Assault DVD edition announced

EA will be releasing a "Director's Edition" of the latest Medal of Honor game that includes an exclusive weapon and behind-the-scenes footage.


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Special DVD editions seem to be Electronic Arts' latest cup of tea. Days after a DVD edition of the Sims 2 appeared on, the company announced that it would be releasing a special edition of its upcoming Medal of Honor Pacific Assault that will include a feature-laden DVD. Called the "Director's Edition," the special version of Pacific Assault will only be available via preorder at major retailers for $59.99.

Besides the full version of the game, the Director's Edition will include a DVD that features historical World War II information, making-of footage, and an exclusive in-game weapon. The full list of features is below:

  • Exclusive In-Game Weapon--Get the drop on the enemy with a high-powered light machine gun that is only available in the Director's Edition.
  • WWII Timeline Presentation--Discover the true history behind the game's missions in this detailed, interactive presentation.
  • In-Game Music with Commentary--Award-winning audio director Erik Kraber presents the greatest Medal of Honor music, delivered in a dynamic interactive application.
  • Medal of Honor: Paths of Glory--Learn what it was like to fight in the Pacific Theater through the gripping interviews from those who were actually there.
  • Silent Drill Platoon--See it with your own eyes in this narrated footage showcasing the famous pageantry of the USMC Silent Drill Platoon.
  • The Thought War--Watch a video on how both sides used propaganda as a weapon in the battle for the hearts and minds of those on the home front.
  • Making of the Game--Go behind the scenes into the creation of the game in this video that profiles the hard work that went into creating Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.
  • Intro Movies with Commentary--View in-game movies with commentary from director Brady Bell.

EA also hinted at a contest associated with the Director's Edition, but said details would be released at a later date.

Pacific Assault is the latest installment in EA's Medal of Honor WWII-shooter series. Players are cast as Marine recruit Tommy Conlin as he fights the Japanese from Pearl Harbor through Guadalcanal to Tarawa. The game should be available for the PC this September.

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