Pac-Man returns

Infogrames' Pac-Man All-Stars brings all the Pac-Man characters into a new open 3D environment.


Pac-Man All-Stars

Infogrames' upcoming Pac-Man All-Stars will let all the Pac-Man characters out of their mazes. The game is set in an open 3D environment, and it lets players assume control of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr., or Professor Pac-Man in a race to collect pellets while avoiding dangerous ghosts. Although the characters are no longer confined by maze walls, they will have to compete with each other in order to gobble up the most pellets, rescue the trapped fairies, and win the game. The game will include 25 game levels spread across six different worlds, and it will feature both single- and multiplayer modes.

Pac-Man All-Stars is in development at Creature Labs, and it is scheduled for release in May.

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