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Pac-Man Party-ing on the Wii

E3 2010: Namco Bandai's iconic spherical chomper returns exclusively on Nintendo's console with story mode, 45 minigames.


LOS ANGELES--The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo isn't just a hotbed for new software and gadgetry; it's also a venue for publisher's to look to the past and see a future. In doing so, Namco Bandai will release a new Pac-Man title on the Nintendo Wii this fall.

Pac-Man Partying in the USA.
Pac-Man Partying in the USA.

Dubbed Pac-Man Party, the game has a story campaign where players will travel from world to world via a Monopoly-esque board. It also includes more than 45 minigames players can participate in as the game dictates or whenever they choose. Minigames revealed for the title include curling, tennis, a king-of-the-mountain game, and more. Additionally, Pac-Man Party will include the original Pac-Man, as well as Dig-Dug and Galaga.

Last month, Internet search behemoth Google released its first interactive doodle, allowing visitors to play the entire original Pac-Man game on a Google-themed board. With authentic sound and two-player support, Google's home page for the day paid homage to Pac-Man's 30th birthday.

Additionally, Namco this morning announced that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX will arrive on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this fall with many new mazes and three additional game modes. To stay current with this year's expo, check out GameSpot's complete coverage of E3 2010.

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