Pac-Man munching on Wii

This week's Euro Virtual Console lineup adds NES edition of arcade classic to the downloadable slate.


European Wii owners have three more games to get their teeth into this week. First up is the '80s arcade classic Pac-Man, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. One of the best known games of all time, the munching yellow circle must eat all the snacks in a series of mazes while avoiding bumping into the ghosts.

Next up is Actraiser, a 1990 Super Nintendo title which combines side-scrolling platform action with a god-sim. Gamers play deity The Master, on his mission to restore the world through reclaiming six lands. Each level consists of a platforming section, a boss battle, and then a simulation part.

Lastly this week is Bonk's Revenge, described by Nintendo as a "comical platformer." The game was originally released in 1991 on the TurboGrafx-16. The 2D platform game was developed by the Red Company and features the caveman Bonk: a character that has an amusingly large, bald head, which he uses to head-butt enemies out of the way.

Pac-Man costs 500 Wii Points (approx £3.50), Actraiser costs 800 (£5.60), and Bonk's Revenge costs 600 (£4.20).

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