Pac-Man Maker Trademark Filed By Bandai Namco

Pac-Man publisher applies for trademark for unknown project.


Japanese publisher Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for an unknown project titled Pac-Man Maker. The application was submitted on April 18 and is currently under review by the European Union.

Bandai Namco has not yet announced any project called Pac-Man Maker, and this application does not necessarily mean a game is in active development; companies often file for trademarks simply to protect their intellectual property or to prepare for future enterprises. Bandai Namco also runs a large arcade machine business, so Pac-Man Maker may not pertain to a mainstream console game. The previous Pac-Man related trademark the company filed for was Pac-Man Wild Edition, which appears to be a slot machine game for use in arcades only.

On the same day, the company submitted trademarks for the recently-revealed Code Vein and another unknown item called Storm Wings.

Code Vein was teased last week with a mysterious trailer and is yet to be officially unveiled properly. More details are expected on April 20, though we do already know it's a vampire-themed RPG.

The most recent mainline Pac-Man game, meanwhile, was Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, which launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last year. It manages to keep the classic formula fresh, said our reviewer Jason D'Aprile, who awarded it 8/10. Read more in our Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 review.

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