Pac-Man gets mouthy

Namco's pellet-popping mascot speaks in Pac-Man World 3, the latest platform adventure for consoles, PSP, and PC.


Pac-Man World 3

Considering that Namco's classic arcade icon Pac-Man is pretty much nothing but a huge mouth, it's a little surprising he's never really used it to do much of anything but eat.

That's going to change with Pac-Man World 3 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PSP, and PC, as voice production company Outsource Media announced today that it has given the yellow wonder a voice courtesy of actor Martin T. Sherman. According to his Internet Movie Database listing, Sherman has previous experience voice acting in games from Timesplitters: Future Perfect and Driver 3, as well as some live-action experience, as in the new Elijah Wood film Green Street Hooligans.

Sadly, it seems that people have forgotten that Pac-Man already had a voice. The not-so-classic 1982 Pac-Man cartoon saw the golden gobbler voiced by Marty Ingels, who also spoke for '70s Grape Ape sidekick Beegle Beagle.

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