Pac-Man Crossover With Fortnite Announced, Launches June 2

The popular gaming brand that dates back to the '80s is crossing over with the battle royale game very soon.


Fortnite's latest crossover has been announced, and it's none other than Pac-Man. An announcement post on the Japanese Pac-Man website confirms that some kind of collaboration between Fortnite and Pac-Man will begin June 2.

The website, translated by VGC, says "items with the Pac-Man motif" will be available in Fortnite starting June 2. Whether or not there is also a Pac-Man skin in Fortnite remains to be seen, however.

Fortnite x Pac-Man begins soon
Fortnite x Pac-Man begins soon

"Fortnite, an online game marketed and distributed by Epic Games, and Pac-Man have decided to collaborate," the announcement says. "Pac-Man motif items will be available. The collaboration will begin on June 2."

Pac-Man would be just the latest massive franchise to collaborate with Epic games for a Fortnite crossover. Other video game franchises that have come to the battle royale game include Halo, God of War, Horizon, and Street Fighter, among others. Outside of gaming brands, Fortnite has hosted franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, among others.

Currently, Fortnite is in the midst of its latest Star Wars crossover, with an Obi-Wan skin now available in the battle royale game ahead of the TV show's release.

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