Pac-Man CE: DX, Alien Breed 3: Descent land on XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Namco's latest take on a classic hits download space this week next to sci-fi arcade shooter; Crackdown 2 DLC also out.


No Caption Provided Microsoft's virtual storefront added three new pieces of content today ranging from a fresh take on a 30-year-old franchise to a science fiction shooter set in space.

Leading the new releases on Xbox Live Arcade is Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX (800 MS points, or $10). DX is the follow-up to the original Championship Edition of Pac-Man, which released three years ago to warm reception, 27 years after the franchise was born. Now, the chomper is back for another adventure. DX packs in new visuals and sound, as well as a host of new mazes for players to work their way around.

The yellow chomper bites back today.
The yellow chomper bites back today.

Also arriving on XBLA today is Alien Breed 3: Descent (800 MS points, or $10). A conclusion to the Alien Breed trilogy, Descent is a science fiction arcade shooter filled with alien foes, powerful weapons, and environments developed using the Unreal Engine 3. In addition to the single-player campaign, which will wrap the Alien Breed trilogy’s narrative, the game sports a multiplayer option. Here, players can fight alongside one another, either through Xbox Live or locally, in various battle modes.

Gamers looking to add content to Crackdown 2 can download the Deluge pack today. Announced on the first of November, the Deluge pack (560 MS points, or $7) is headlined by a new mode, which pits up to four players against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Also included in the pack is Capture the Orb mode, which is a new take on the classic capture-the-flag game type and sees up to 16 soldiers tossing buildings and dodging explosives to tally points. The pack also includes updates to vehicles and weapons, new achievements, and avatar awards.

Additionally, a free version of the pack is available and includes the Capture the Orb competitive game type, as well as a single-player version of the Deluge cooperative mode.

Those wishing to try before they buy can download a demo for CSI: Fatal Conspiracy today from Xbox Live. The sampler gives players a look and feel for the crime-solving title based on the popular television show in which players must piece together clues following the death of a woman in her vehicle. Fatal Conspiracy was released on October 26.

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