Ozzy's Black Skies still flying

The fantasy action game in development at iRock Interactive is on track for release early next year.


Denying a report that Ozzy's Black Skies had been cancelled, iRock Interactive vice president Robert Stevenson told GameSpot today that both the PC and Sony PlayStation 2 versions of the fantasy action game are still active projects. According to Stevenson, iRock Interactive is not bankrupt, and the company will complete the games for release early next year.

Ozzy's Black Skies is set in a fantasy world inhabited by a variety of flying creatures. Players will assume the role of rock singer Ozzy Osbourne in one of three different characters--one for each playable faction in the game--and they will ride one of more than 20 different flying creatures in a series of airborne battles. The game will include three single-player campaigns, as well as a full multiplayer mode. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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