Overwatch's Uprising Event Returns For 2018, New Content Teased

Uprising is back for 2018.


Update: Blizzard has offered a second teaser for Overwatch's new Uprising event. It primarily showcases the returning Brawl mode and skins from last year; the bulk of the brief video is essentially promising that players will have another shot at all of that. However, the end shows a second "archives file" being accessed, which may be intended to suggest that another Brawl mode is set to be included. That's purely speculation at this point, but it seems clear that Blizzard means to indicate that there will be something new for Uprising in 2018. We'll report back as we learn more. The new tweet and original story follows.

As promised, Blizzard plans to bring back a revamped version of Overwatch's Uprising event. The first details of this year's iteration have now been announced, and players will be able to take part in all of it starting on April 10.

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Blizzard explains that Uprising "turns back the clock, giving you the chance to relive a pivotal moment in Overwatch history." What that means in practice is that you'll be able to play a special co-op Brawl where you "join Tracer on her very first mission."

In addition to that, there will of course be cosmetics to obtain. More than 100 "declassified" Loot Box items will be up for grabs, though specifics on new additions haven't yet been shared. You can see a brief teaser video in the tweet below.

Back in January, director Jeff Kaplan stated Uprising would return for 2018 but that Blizzard "want[s] to evolve it" in some way. At the time, he also said the Anniversary event would make a return to give players another chance to unlock the items that were only available last year. A date for that has not been announced, but it'll presumably come in May, when Overwatch will celebrate the two-year anniversary of its release.

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