Overwatch's Uprising Brawl Was Rarely Beaten On Legendary Difficulty

Blizzard released an infographic today showing some stats from Overwatch's latest seasonal event.

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Overwatch's latest seasonal event, Uprising, ran throughout April and just ended recently. Headlining the event was a new cooperative Brawl mode, and today developer Blizzard released an infographic that shows a bunch of stats about the number of players that participated in it.

In short: Uprising was very popular, as might be expected from a game that recently passed 30 million registered users. Over 145 million Brawl matches were completed during the event, but interestingly, players lost more than they won. Overwatch victories totaled 67 million, but the Null Sector won about 78 million times. Players actually found an exploit to stop enemies from spawning thus ensuring victory, but Blizzard quickly patched it.

The infographic also shows a breakdown of the completion rates at different difficulty levels for the Brawl mode. On the easiest difficulty, players won 75% of the time, but only .6% on the highest difficulty.

Players also opened a truly ridiculous number of loot boxes during the event, presumably attempting to score the new skins and items that were released alongside the event. Over 815 million loot boxes were earned during the time Uprising was live.

You can see the full infographic here.

In other Overwatch news, it recently became publisher Activision's eighth billion-dollar franchise. In addition, a determined fan has datamined a recent PTR update for the game and found hints of an upcoming event that would celebrate its one-year anniversary. Finally, Overwatch's director Jeff Kaplan talked about the save/highlight feature for Highlights that's in development.

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