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Overwatch's Torbjorn Receives A Major Overhaul Soon

Turrets, the Ult ability, and more are getting some big changes.


Overwatch is preparing to release another major patch with various balance changes, but the most serious reworking is coming to the engineer Torbjorn. In a video detailing the changes, game director Jeff Kaplan said the team is aiming to make his functionality less narrow and situational.

When the changes go live, Torb will no longer have armor packs or use the scrap system at all. Instead, his secondary ability will change to "Overload," which will look a lot like what you currently may recognize as his Ultimate ability. It will give him a speed bonus, damage resistance, and firing rate increase.

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Meanwhile his Ultimate ability will change as well. It's still called Molten Core, but instead he will shoot out pools of liquid magma. Those pools of hot metal can do area-of-effect damage, and will do extra damage against armored opponents. Finally, his turrets will no longer have build levels. Instead, they'll be permanently set at the second level, with a short build time. Torbjorn will also be able to toss his turrets into hard-to-reach places.

"The goal of all of these changes is to make Torb a more acceptable pick on both attack and defense and less map or role-dependent than he was previously," Kaplan said.

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