Overwatch's Next Character Teased In New Blog Post

Meet Efi Oladele, who may be related to the game's next playable character.


We know another character is on the way to Overwatch, and it apparently isn't whom we expect--likely ruling out Doomfist. Blizzard today seemingly teased the new addition to the roster with a new blog post.

Under the guise of an interview that takes place in the Overwatch world, we get to learn about 11-year-old Efi Oladele. She's a gifted young scientist who has experience with robots and artificial intelligence.

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It's unclear if Efi herself could be the new character, or if she's somehow related to whomever it might be. The interview may suggest she'll use money from a grant she received to create someone or something that could be the new character.

Asked what she'll do with the money, she says, "Oh... I have an idea..." She then adds, "It's a secret for now… but my parents are taking me on a trip to celebrate! It'll be my first time flying, so I can't wait."

There's not yet a date for when the new character will arrive, but more than one is currently in development. Blizzard also has some significant changes in the works that you can try out for yourself on the public test realm right now. Meanwhile, new Funko Pop figures are on the way, as is a Nendoroid based on Tracer.

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I just cant wait :OOOO Overwatch im commmingg!


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i highly doubt that the new character is an 11 year old girl

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I hope its not true, the character design looks lazier as hell, a female Lucio.

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Ya still play this! Move on people!

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Assuming she is indeed a new character rather than a Red Herring, I would presume that her presence on the battlefield would be restricted to a remote-controlled robot.

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Hmmm.... I am not thrilled at the idea. Even if the rumors that she is not going to be running around on the battlefield directly are true, it still isn't.

On the other hand, I can see this concept working in a game that is built to explore the morality and reality of the "Child Soldier" that has taken root in so many places around the globe. That's a valid issue to explore and it might be able to be done in a game format - maybe even better than any other format. I'd actually enjoy seeing someone try that in a way that allows the player to actually think about that subject.

But in Overwatch? I don't know if that is an appropriate place, to be honest. Even if you aren't killing an 11 year old with a headshot directly you are still encouraged to play a 11 year old that is taking part in gunning down others. There just isn't any way to reconcile that stark fact with the more heightened tone of Overwatch.

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@wookietim: Yeah, the idea of an 11-year-old being involved, even indirectly, in a battle to the death just seems wrong.

However, introducing us to this 11-year-old girl (Efi) might just be a setup story to introduce the actual character in a more indirect way. It might be a case where blizzard is trying to create some emotional attachment followed by a tragedy in order to connect us to the motivations of another character. For example, maybe this girl ends up being involved in an air crash because of some form of sabotage or conflict. Maybe the character that is introduced is her creation that decides to try and get revenge for her death? (Given that robots or androids in this game have sentience). Or perhaps it's someone related to her.

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@TenraiSenshi: It's certainly a possibility and if so, that's actually a good idea on Blizzards part. But if this is the new character then Blizzard is treading on think ice here.

Like I said - a character like this actually could be a great idea for a game that directly deals with child soldiers. I actually think that game (That would confront the ethical dilemma's presented by it) is a game that is worth looking into - games can make a point and can be a great way to delve into those issues. Games can put the player in the skin of someone dealing with the environment that produces child soldiers and can make them (maybe) understand them better.

The problem is... Well, Overwatch is not that game. You can't pull off a deep and illuminating portrait of a real world problem alongside super-intelligent gorillas. That doesn't work.

So if your guess is correct, then Blizzard is on solid ground. But if this truly is the next playable character then... Well then Blizzard is going to maybe have made a serious misstep.

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@wookietim: I didn't think of that, but you've got a point.

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Dammit! She's a kid. That means she's gonna be tiny and hard as hell to shoot at. >_<

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@Xirtahm: Even if it was a playable character, you certainly wouldn't play the kid but the thing she wants to create. No games let you kill kids because of those SJW out there that can't accept a kid being killed in a game. However, I don't think it has its place in a game like Overwatch.

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Aww I wanted a new Robot.