Overwatch's New Legendary D.Va Skin Unveiled Prior To New Update

Another new look for D.Va.


Overwatch's new cosmetic update is nearly here, and Blizzard continues to show off more of the new items it will introduce to the shooter. We've now gotten another look at a new Legendary skin, this one for D.Va.

As showcased in the brief video below, you can see the new Black Cat D.Va skin. It gives the character long, blonde hair and a set of cat ears, while her mech is adorned with a heart that says "Cat Force." We also get a quick look at her outside of the mech, where you can see her redesigned outfit.

This is one of at least four new Legendary skins launching in Overwatch on Tuesday, January 23; the others include Lucio, Hanzo, and Pharah. Additionally, we've seen five new Epic skins that are coming along with new emotes and sprays. Blizzard is adding a ton of new cosmetic content to the game as part of an update that will make more items available through the base loot box. In other words, there will be more things to earn that aren't tied to limited-time events.

Also launching for Overwatch on January 23 is Blizzard World, the game's newest map. This takes the form of an amusement park based on Blizzard's other franchises, with areas themed around series like Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft. Meanwhile, the debut season of the Overwatch League is ongoing, and the game recently received a lot of new skins added based on its teams.

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