Overwatch's New Hero, Wrecking Ball, Gets Release Date And New Skins

Little hamster, big adventures.


Overwatch's 28th Hero is a hamster named Hammond, whose in-game code name is Wrecking Ball. Blizzard announced he'll be rolling into Overwatch on July 24. Players who own Overwatch on PC can already get an early look at Hammond's unique abilities on Overwatch's Public Test Realm.

Wrecking Ball has been given a number of new skins on the Public Test Realm, each giving Hammond a diverse range of looks, from the mutant-looking Biohazard skin to the punk-looking Mayhem skin. We've compiled all of Wrecking Ball's character and weapon skins in the gallery below.

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Wrecking Ball can seamlessly transform his mech into a giant ball and quickly roll around the battlefield. He also has Quad Cannons, a couple of automatic firearms, and can fire out a grappling hook that lets him swing around the arena to achieve enough speed for knocking back and damaging his enemies. Adaptive Shield gives Wrecking Ball added protection--the effectiveness of which is determined by the number of nearby enemies. Piledriver slams Wrecking Ball into the ground to deal massive amounts of damage, and Wrecking Ball's Ultimate, Minefield, litters the ground with proximity sensitive explosives.

If you have Overwatch on PC, you can try out Wrecking Ball and dress him up in any of these skins right now. You can access the Public Test Realm through the Battle.net app's Region/Account drop-down menu. Hammond will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on July 24.

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