Overwatch's New Hero Has A Companion, BOB, And He's Perfect

BOB might not be a playable hero, but we all know he is a true hero nonetheless.


I think it's fair to say that the most important news out of BlizzCon was the reveal of BOB, a companion of Overwatch's new hero, Ashe. BOB (Big Omnic Bodyguard/Butler) was one of a number of individuals in the Reunion animated short that looked as if they could be a new playable character, a fact that Blizzard itself even acknowledged during the opening ceremony. Soon after that video premiered, Blizzard announced that it was Ashe who would be Hero 29, and that BOB (and his little hat) would instead serve as her Ultimate ability. BOB could have taken the news badly, but he's just happy to be here.

Ashe is now live on the PTR, and Twitch user ESL_OneAmongstMany has done us all a favor by jumping into the game and waving at dear BOB. As you'd expect from such a lovable, instantly classic character, he doesn't ignore the gesture. Have a look:

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Yes, when you wave at BOB, he waves back. We've verified this discovery and frankly, it's the sort of thing that should vault Overwatch into the Game of the Year conversation despite it having launched in 2016. BOB just might not be able to make the awards because I assume he'll be too busy starring in his own franchise of films that shame everything up to and including Citizen Kane.

As for Ashe, you can get a full breakdown of her abilities from BlizzCon. If you own Overwatch on PC, you can jump into the PTR now to try her (and BOB) for yourself before they hit the live game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in the near future. Blizzard hasn't yet announced an exact release date, but the one thing we know for sure is that BOB is already perfect.

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