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Overwatch's New Funko Pop Figures Coming In April, See Them All Here

A handful of the figures are store exclusives.


Funko first debuted its line of Pop figures for Overwatch last year around the time of the game's launch. New ones were unveiled recently at the London Toy Fair, and we've now gotten a launch month and a new look at all of the newcomers.

Most of these are standard-sized Pop figures. They include Mei, McCree, Lucio, and Symmetra. There are also four store-exclusive figures, including alternate versions of Tracer (ThinkGeek), Mei (Hot Topic), McCree (GameStop), and Pharah (Blizzard's Gear store).

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Additionally, there are larger, six-inch figures of a few characters. There are two versions of D.Va, each with a 1.75 inch version of her that fits inside the larger mech. Reinhardt also gets two six-inch figures; one of these, with his helmet off, is exclusive to Best Buy.

All of these arrive in April, joining the existing Pop versions of characters like Reaper, Winston, and Widowmaker.

Funko has announced a ton of new collectibles as of late, including those based on Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Gears of War, Tekken, Borderlands, Rick and Morty, and Twin Peaks.

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