Overwatch's Mei Is Coming To Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm

Another Overwatch character is joining Heroes of the Storm on the PTR--but that's not all.


Developer Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has a brand-new playable character. Climatologist and Overwatch fan-favorite Mei has landed in Heroes of the Storm's Public Test Realm on PC, with an official launch scheduled for June 23.

There is one notable difference between HotS Mei and Overwatch Mei: she's a Tank this time around instead of a DPS hero. Otherwise, she brings her familiar Overwatch kit to Heroes of the Storm, such as her blizzard and ice wall abilities, with a few new additions. This includes a snowball that damages and slows enemies, a directional slide tackle that knocks foes backward, and more.

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In addition to Mei, Blizzard is introducing two more elements to Heroes of the Storm's PTR: A new Nexus Anomaly and another in-game event.

The latest Nexus Anomaly, Climate Phenomena, will add a variety of weather effects to Heroes of the Storm. There are three weather conditions players can experience on the PTR right now--Foggy Mists, Rain Storms, and Snow Flurries--that will provide unique buffs for all characters on the field. These effects will repeat periodically, with the weather dynamically changing in-game, until the match concludes.

Nexomania, HotS' WrestleMania-like in-game event, has returned as well. Mal'gaucho Mal'ganis, Swingin' Scourge of Stratholme, and La Gata de Batalla will be duking it out to become the champion of Nexomania 2. Blizzard hasn't clarified details about the event, but MC Tombstone will be analyzing the battles as they occur.

Heroes of the Storm launched back in June 2015, making it five years since the MOBA first came out. Mei's inclusion, the introduction of a new Nexus Anomaly, and the return of the Nexomania are all in celebration of the game's five-year anniversary.

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