Overwatch's Latest Comic Shows How New Character Ana Got That Eyepatch

Learn more about Ana's backstory.


The lore of Overwatch continues to expand--albeit outside the confines of the game itself.

Blizzard has released another short comic featuring one of the game's characters. This time around, it's the newly revealed Support/sniper hybrid Ana who gets the spotlight in a story that fleshes out her backstory and explains how she got that eyepatch. You can read it here.

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Previous comics have centered around characters like McCree, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. Further details on them and other characters are shared through animated shorts and profiles on the Overwatch website. There's little lore to be found in-game.

Ana does not yet have a release date, but those on PC can try her now on Overwatch's public test servers. She's capable of healing and buffing teammates, as well as dealing damage and putting enemies to sleep. You can read more about the big patch that adds her here and see all of her skins here.

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