Overwatch's D.Va, Who Is a StarCraft Player, Set to Become a StarCraft Announcer

BlizzCon attendees (and viewers) get the pack for free.


A number of announcer packs are on the way for StarCraft II, but the most notable is the one that comes from another Blizzard game entirely: Overwatch's D.Va.

Blizzard announced the D.Va announcer pack today, which, along with a special D.Va portrait, will be given away to anyone who attends BlizzCon or purchases a Virtual Ticket. The portrait is available exclusively to those people, while the announcer will be sold "at a later date."

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In Overwatch, D.Va was the best StarCraft player in the world before deciding to take part in Overwatch's fight. Now, she'll lend her expertise by talking about APMs and how your units are "getting owned." You can hear a handful of samples, including some faction-specific voice lines, on Blizzard's website.

D.Va will initially be available with the release of the 3.7 update that is due out in the next few weeks. Other announcers included in that patch are Abathur, Raynor, Artanis, Kerrigan, Swann, and Alarak, all of which will be available as rewards. New skins and other ways to customize your experience are coming as part of the update, too.

Among the other goodies offered to Virtual Ticket buyers are a World of Warcraft companion, a Diablo III pet, and a Bastion skin in Overwatch. Attendees of the actual event will get a physical goody bag.

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