Overwatch Voice Lines Point to a Valentine's Day Event [UPDATE]

Genji and Mercy lines may have revealed what's next.

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Update: Director Jeff Kaplan discussed the prospect of a Valentine's Day (and Easter) event briefly in December. At the time, he stated on the official forums that Blizzard isn't planning events for either one. That doesn't preclude the studio from still offering a more limited update with new emotes and things of the sort, but it seems a full-blown event is unlikely.

Original Story: Overwatch's next seasonal event may be coming up in just a few weeks, based on newly discovered voice lines.

As shared today by Reddit user akhanubis, the most recent PTR update contains a number of voice lines that may be used in the future. Not all of them are confirmed as being new, but several appear to be. Two, in particular, suggest Blizzard will add an Valentine's Day event, as they feature Mercy and Genji talking about gifting each other chocolates. You can listen to them here.

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The timing wouldn't be far off what we've seen since last summer, when Overwatch's first seasonal event debuted. So far there have been three: the Olympics (started in August), Halloween (October), and Christmas (December). The Christmas event was also leaked by dataminers who found what ended up being the update's Christmas-themed menu music.

Blizzard hasn't offered any official schedule for when more events or content will be released, but it has made it clear that plenty more is on the way.

Earlier this month, the new Oasis map debuted on all platforms. The PTR update that includes these Valentine's voice lines was introduced even more recently, nerfing Roadhog and D.Va and making some other changes. These adjustments are still in testing, and you can try them out for yourself right now if you own the PC version. A date for when they'll launch in the live game hasn't been announced.

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    Avatar image for babydoll_moon

    You guys must not read OW forums much, can't say i blame you, but yeah - Blizz themselves already said on the forums that there will be no Valentines Day or Easter event. So while they might put some bs voicelines and sprays nobody gives a rats a** about in-game, they're not doing an actual event.

    Avatar image for darksouls


    Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

    I'd love to get hyped for this, but so far all of their events have been a huge letdown and honestly felt extremely uninspired.

    I mean, really... I could have come up with significantly better skins/emotes/intros for each event right off the top of my head, meanwhile Blizzard had months to prepare for each event yet somehow managed to only add generic/predictable content which seemed completely void of any imagination or passion.

    Avatar image for babydoll_moon


    Don't bother getting hyped, Blizz themselves said there is no V-day event or Easter event. They came out in a blue post and said that.......soooo, instead of getting hyped - get disappointed. -hi5?

    Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

    @Blk_Mage_Ctype: the Halloween event was fantastic.

    Avatar image for babydoll_moon

    @WhoIsTheDrizzle: Summer Games was my fav. <3

    Avatar image for Scynt

    Blizzard already confirmed on their forums that there will be no Valentine's or Easter events. Like, weeks ago.

    Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

    @Scynt: Then what do you suppose the new lines are for? Also, do you honestly believe that if Blizzard were planning an event for a specific holiday as a surprise that they'd just admit to doing so when asked rather than simply remaining silent or outright denying it to throw people off?

    Avatar image for babydoll_moon

    @Blk_Mage_Ctype: They wouldn't admit it, but they'd never deny it. Blizzard has never once came out and flat-out said there will be no big event or big change and then the next month BAM there it is. They've broken their word on some things down the road but that isn't akin to saying a major event will not happen in the next month and then putting it out. They'd say nothing at all if it was happening......V-day isn't happening, neither is Easter.

    Avatar image for tonyleo01

    @Blk_Mage_Ctype: who knows. But I do know that studios can have countless of content and hours of work done that often times never get moved forward.

    I do hope it happens though because Widowmaker is going to need some love.

    Avatar image for Cattlefield4

    Gency confirmed?

    Avatar image for RicanV

    Nice! Looking forward to adding some new skins!

    Avatar image for Darkflare_EX

    @RicanV: I'm afraid I have some bad news...

    There probably won't be a Valentine's day event and these lines were added similarly to the New Year's resolutions lines.

    Avatar image for RicanV

    @Darkflare_EX: ah, so it's just pregame conversation.