Overwatch Video Perfectly Captures the Magic of a Torbjorn Play of the Game

Torbjorn: The one character who could earn Play of the Game while AFK.


One of the many enjoyable aspects of Overwatch can be the post-match Play of the Game clip, where everyone watches as players are killed by a stationary Bastion or Junkrat's Ultimate. Occasionally, other characters get the spotlight, too, and there's generally none less exciting than those featuring Torbjorn.

The first episode of YouTube channel CarbotAnimations' new Overwatch series, UnderWatched, demonstrates this nicely. Torbjorn is capable of building a turret, and while he has a strong gun of his own, it's often his turret that provides the bulk of his offensive contribution. This doesn't seem to get factored into the decision-making process when Overwatch selects a Play of the Game, which results in what you see in the video below.

Somehow this is less silly than something I personally witnessed in-game. A Torbjorn Play of the Game was shown where you couldn't witness anything that happened, as his turret wracked up kills off-screen while the player made his way back into the action from the spawn room.

Overwatch launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One earlier this week. For more, check out our recap of everything you need to know, as well as GameSpot's review and tips for playing all 21 characters.

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