Overwatch Update And New Map Out Now, Patch Notes Detail Roadhog, Reaper Changes

Roadhog, Reaper, and McCree all now play a bit differently.


The next big update for Overwatch is now available, introducing the Horizon Lunar Colony map for all players. It also makes some significant balance changes that Roadhog players are unhappy about, along with other tweaks and fixes.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map, which was first announced in May, is set on the moon. A portion of the map includes a low-gravity area, but this functionality extends to other maps. When creating a Custom Game, you can now adjust both player and projectile gravity to make for a much different sort of experience on any map.

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In terms of character updates, Roadhog's is the most significant. The hitbox for his head has been shrunk to improve his survivability, but his primary change comes to his weapon. The Scrap Gun's clip size is now five (up from four) and can fire 30% faster, but each bullet's damage has been reduced by 33%. This reduces the effectiveness of his hook combo, but Blizzard says it "keep[s] his DPS roughly the same."

Reaper also sees a fairly significant change. Rather than being able to pick up health orbs after an enemy dies, he now regains health as he deals damage--specifically, 20% of the damage dealt is returned to him as health. McCree's Ultimate also sees an adjustment, as you'll only have to wait 0.2 seconds (rather than 0.8) to begin locking on. The damage dealt during the first 1.0 seconds has meanwhile been increased, going from 20 to 80. After the 1 second mark, the damage is unchanged.

The Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins, which were previously only available by playing Heroes of the Storm, are now obtainable in Overwatch itself. They can both be found in classic Loot Boxes.

The UI also sees a number of tweaks, including the removal of the Rate This Match option, which Blizzard has deemed less than useful. The Damage Done stat has been replaced by Hero Damage Done in "multiple locations," while averages are now calculated based on 10-minute "slices," instead of on a per-game basis.

You can check out all of the UI additions and adjustments, along with a long list of bug fixes and other changes, in the patch notes here. The update is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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