Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Now Live With Six New Legendary Skins

You can play some Lucioball (or the Remix version), take part in weekly challenges, and collect some new Legendary skins for Ashe, Sigma, Mei, and more.


Overwatch's Summer Games event can now be played across all systems--PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC--bringing back the limited-time modes as well as a wide array of new cosmetics, some of which were teased ahead of time. The event will run through August 10. You'll want to practice your Lucioball strategies to win as many games as possible until then.

Throughout the three-week event, you can play nine games per week (for a total of 27) to unlock weekly rewards. Winning a game will count double as two games. Any games played in Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive will count towards those goals. The rewards for those milestones will be sets of new Epic skins:

  • Week 1: Ocean King Winston
  • Week 2: Sunset Pharah
  • Week 3: Nihon Hanzo

Of course, the Summer Games event will also introduce several new Legendary skins that are obtainable through regular loot boxes or in the shop. You can see each of those in the screens below.

Overwatch Summer Games Legendary Skins

  • Sprinkles Mei
  • Mermaid Symmetra
  • Poolside Ashe
  • Scuba Sigma
  • Referee Orisa

This will be the first time since the Summer Games annual event started that it coincides with the actual Summer Olympics. The Summer Games began as a riff on the Olympics, with the multi-national Overwatch characters sporting outfits to honor their home countries. Since then it's become more about general summer fun and goofs, which is how we get Bob with a flamingo on his head and Mei flinging ice cream scoops.

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