Overwatch Storm Rising Trailer Shows The Team In Action

"The price of loyalty is always changing."

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Now Playing: Upcoming Overwatch Storm Rising Event Confirmed With First Trailer - GS News Update

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The PvE Storm Rising story mission for Overwatch is ready to go live starting April 16, and a story trailer sets the stage for the conflict. In it we see the strike team composed of Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji going after the dangerous Talon criminal Maximilien. We also get the closest look yet at Max himself, who suggests that everyone and everything has a price.

In the lead-up to the Storm Rising event, Blizzard has regularly been revealing the new cosmetic skins you can earn. Some, like Talon Baptiste or Formal 76, are clearly story-inspired outfits informed by the lore of the world and its characters. Others, like Hammond's High Roller Wrecking Ball or Racer Zarya, seem more light-hearted.

The story of this mission is anything but light, however. The Overwatch team has been dispatched to bring in the notoriously elusive Max before he can use the cover of an impending storm to escape yet again. The narration in the new story trailer suggests that opportunities to capture him don't often appear, so the team has one chance to get it right. "No pressure, then!" Tracer chirps.

The Overwatch Archives series of events feature PvE co-op missions with an emphasis on story material. They often focus on younger iterations of the characters before Overwatch (the organization, not the game) was forced to disband. Alongside Storm Rising, the past Archives missions Uprising and Retribution will be playable. The event is running April 16-May 6.

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