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Overwatch Stats Site Shows Who Wins the Most and Least

Teleporters rule the day.


Overwatch provides players with a wealth of statistics about their performance, both overall and as each individual character. But beyond what you're able to see about your own play history, there's nothing shared publicly--at least from an official source. A fan-run website that tracks these stats has now popped up, offering a glimpse into things like win rates and popularity.

Master Overwatch provides tons of data regarding Overwatch players on all platforms. The one problem is it first requires players to be added to its database; it isn't pulling in everything about all 7-plus million people who have played so far. (You can add yourself by searching for your name.) The creators responsible for the site told PC Gamer there are more than 800,000 users in its database so far, which is a large-enough sample size to get some idea of how each character is performing.

Remember to thank your Symmetra for sparing you that long walk on defense
Remember to thank your Symmetra for sparing you that long walk on defense

For instance, in terms of win rate across all platforms, Symmetra comes out on top at 61.7 percent, which pleases me as someone who is constantly talking about how crucial her teleporter is. Torbjorn, founder and president of the uninteresting Play of the Game sequence fanclub, is close behind at 61.6 percent, with Lucio (who can heal all nearby allies) next at 57.8 percent.

Jump to the bottom of the list, and you'll find Mercy with a 48 percent win rate (and the worst kill-to-death ratio of any character, as is to be expected). Pharah is second-to-last and McCree third, which is perhaps surprising when considering he's effective enough to warrant an upcoming nerf.

You can also compare how characters perform on PC versus Xbox One and PS4. For instance, the sniper Widowmaker sports the third-highest kill-to-death ratio on PC, but she's just middle-of-the-pack on consoles.

There's a lot of interesting stuff to sort through on the site. You can also use it to check your own stats while outside the game or compare them with other players'.

We don't yet know if Blizzard will take issue with the site's existence. "Of course we are nervous if Blizzard decides to remove access or prevent these sorts of things, but that is why we are very, very careful, despite the frequency that we have been releasing features, about the quality of those features that we introduce," the site said.

Along with the aforementioned McCree nerf, Blizzard is also looking at adjusting D.Va and Widowmaker, though the specific changes haven't yet been confirmed. The studio has also tried to clarify confusion over the game's tickrate.

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