Overwatch PS4/Xbox One Update Adds New Character, Nerfs Torbjorn, and More

Torbjorn's turret now does less damage.


Update: The patch has gone live on Xbox One and, following some issues that caused Ana to be temporarily disabled, everyone can now try out the new character.

Original Story: Overwatch players on PS4 now have access to Ana, the game's first post-launch character.

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Ana is a Support character who has a long-range rifle that can be used to heal allies and damage foes. Likewise, her grenade heals and does damage while also preventing enemies from being healed for a short time. Another of her abilities temporarily puts an enemy to sleep, while her Ultimate provides a teammate with damage, movement speed, and damage resistance buffs.

She was first released on Overwatch's public testing servers on PC in early July before officially debuting earlier this week. Her release on PS4 today comes as a surprise, as the developer had offered no time table for when she would be released on consoles. There's still no word on when she'll be playable on Xbox One; Blizzard says the update is in certification with Microsoft, so--baring any issues--it should be out soon.

Today's update not only adds Ana, it makes a wide range of balance changes that we've covered previously; these include buffs to Zenyatta and D.Va, among other adjustments.

Unlike the PC version of the update, this also includes the promised nerf for Torbjorn, who will now cause his turrets to do 30 percent less damage. The same is true for Symmetra's sentry turrets.

You can see the full patch notes on Blizzard's forums.

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