Overwatch PS4 Players Have Lost Levels and Skins Because of a Bug, They're Not Happy

Blizzard says it has addressed "root cause" but players want their skins back.


PS4 Overwatch players that lost level progress, unlocked skins, and competitive ranks due to a bug are unhappy that developer Blizzard hasn't addressed the issue.

As reported by Polygon, threads reporting the bug and its resulting issues appeared online on July 11. Players on the PlayStation 4 version of the team-based shooter stated they were losing levels, while some claimed their progress had been reset entirely.

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Others, meanwhile, reported that skins that they unlocked from loot boxes--some of which were acquired using real money--had also vanished.

On July 11, Blizzard's official Overwatch Twitter account provided an update on the issue.

"We're currently looking into reports of lost progression on PlayStation 4," it read. "Thank you for your patience! We’ll share updates as we know more."

On July 12, a Blizzard representative said the "root cause for this was fixed, so it shouldn't happen to anyone else," but it was continuing its investigation into the progress was lost.

However, complaints have persisted on the Battle.net forums, with players asking for Blizzard to fix the problem, restore their lost items, or reimburse them for the in-game currency/real money spent on the game.

Overwatch's first new character, Ana, was revealed on July 12. She is a support class that uses a sniper rifle. She also happens to be the mother of Pharah. She's capable of healing and buffing teammates, as well as dealing damage and putting enemies to sleep.

Ana does not yet have a release date, but those on PC can try her now on Overwatch's public test servers. You can read more about the big patch that adds her here and see all of her skins here.

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