Overwatch Players Calling for a Tweak to Mercy's Halloween Skin Get Their Wish

Here's another reason to get that excellent new witch skin for Mercy.


Overwatch's Halloween update introduced an excellent witch skin for Mercy. Sadly, it doesn't cause her to use a new voice line that's present in the new Brawl mode. Some 490-plus posts later, players petitioning for its inclusion have received a simple answer: "OK."

Since the update's release earlier this week, players have been calling for Mercy's Ultimate voice line--"Heroes never die"--to be replaced when using the skin. In its place, they want her to say what she does in the Junkenstein Brawl mode: "My servants never die."

Many of these requests came in a lengthy thread on the Overwatch forums, which game director Jeff Kaplan showed up in briefly today. "Ok," he responded. "ETA mid-Nov."

That was his entire message, which somehow makes this good news even better.

It's unclear right now if the change will be made in mid-November on all platforms; updates on consoles typically trail behind those on PC. We don't yet know what other changes are on the way, though a "dramatic" adjustment for Symmetra is in the works.

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This week's update made some balance changes in addition to introducing the limited-time Halloween event. It may also hold some secrets, but they definitely don't involve shooting those poor birds.

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