Overwatch Patch Notes For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Cover Hero Changes And More

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As Overwatch's Year of the Dog event continues, Blizzard has released a new patch for hero shooter that makes changes to Lucio's abilities, fixes bugs, and more. Starting with the hero updates, Lucio's Wall Ride ability will now cause him to drop the flag during CTF matches. Blizzard explained that the Wall Ride ability made it "overly difficult" to stop Lucio in Capture the Flag matches because he could reach "unintended places." Now, using this ability will cause him to drop the flag and this should result in better balance, Blizzard said.

As announced previously, some abilities involving mobility and invulnerability will cause you to drop the flag. For example, Winston's leap/jump pack ability results in a dropped flag. Blizzard's thinking here is that CTF matches will be more "action-packed" and fun with these particular abilities restricted.

In terms of bug fixes, there was a typo that caused the in-game Lunar New Year banner to show the wrong end-date for the event, but this is now sorted out. Additionally, Blizzard squashed a bug related to client crashes after using the drop-down menu to select a new skin.

This new patch also fixes a bug that caused Mei to levitate when using Cryo-stasis. Another bug that is now fixed blocked trial account players from accessing the Arcade. Additionally, the bug that caused some of Zarya's animations to loop continuously should show be fixed.

You can see a full rundown of the new Overwatch patch changes below, as posted on the game's website. The blog post's title says the changes are for PC only, but the text within the blog post explains that the patch is available now on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

For more on Overwatch's Year of the Dog event, check out GameSpot's roundup of all of the new Legendary skins. Head to the gallery to see the new skins for Winston, Junkrat, McCree, and many others.

Overwatch February 13 Patch Notes:



  • Wall Ride
    • Activating Wall Ride will now cause the flag to drop during Capture the Flag matches

Developer Comments: Lúcio’s Wall Ride allowed him to reach unintended places in Capture the Flag maps, which made it overly difficult for opponents to stop him. So, we have changed the ability to cause the flag to drop instead for better balanced matches.



  • Fixed a typo that caused the Lunar New Year banner to display the wrong end date for Overwatch Lunar New Year
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the client to crash after a player used the Hero Skin Selection dropdown menu in Hero Select

Capture the Flag

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Winston to pick up the flag while airborne after activating his Jump Pack
  • Fixed a bug that caused flags dropped near ceilings to get stuck inside of walls


  • Fixed a bug that caused Mei to levitate if she used Cryo-stasis

Game Browser and Custom Games

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from playing games in the Arcade if they were using a trial account


  • Fixed a bug that caused hero ultimate charges to reset after the first death if a player changed their skin using the Hero Skin Selection a second before the match began
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zarya’s reaction animations to loop continuously after taking damage following the destruction of her Particle Barrier


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Weekly Rewards timer in from displaying correctly in the Arcade

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