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Overwatch Passes 30 Million Players, Up From 25 Million

5 million more players.


Blizzard's shooter Overwatch has reached a new player milestone.

The developer announced today that the game has now passed 30 million registered players, which is up from the 25 million figure that was announced back in January.

Importantly, Overwatch has not necessarily sold 30 million copies. However, that many registered players is a big achievement regardless.

In November, Blizzard announced that Overwatch had reached 20 million registered players, hitting that figure faster than any game in Blizzard's history.

In other Overwatch news, the character D.Va was temporarily disabled today due to an issue, though Blizzard has since reinstated her.

Overwatch's latest event, Uprising, is going on right now. You can see all the skins here.

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