Overwatch, Other Blizzard Games Can Be Livestreamed Directly to Facebook Soon

Blizzard and Facebook's deal means players can log into Battle.net with their Facebook account and stream to the social media platform.


There's already Twitch and YouTube, but if you want to stream your Blizzard PC games to another platform, Facebook is your latest option. Starting next month, anyone will be able to stream games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft directly to the social media platform.

The Blizzard/Facebook team up also means users will be able to sign up for and log into Battle.net with their Facebook account. Blizzard said in a press release that this "will pave the way for new social functionality," though it did not confirm any other features aside from streaming gameplay--finding friends seems like a logical feature, but it was not confirmed.

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The upcoming "Go Live" feature will start a livestream of whatever Blizzard game you're playing on your Facebook timeline. Your friends will be able to watch and subscribe to your streams--if they do subscribe, they'll be notified whenever you start a new one.

This announcement comes shortly after Blizzard released its first-person shooter, Overwatch, which already has more than 7 million players. Cross-platform play between the PS4 and Xbox One is on the developer's radar.

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