Overwatch League Schedule, Games, And Results - Stage One, Week Two

Hitting its stride.


Now in its second week, the first season of Overwatch League has been steadily making progress. While it's still very early on, and many of the teams are trying to find their groove, we've already seen some impressive performances from the Seoul Dynasty, London Spitfire, and the Houston Outlaws. As a reminder, each team will play a minimum of two games per week while the two most successful teams in each division will compete in title matches at the end of each five-week stage. There are four stages total in the regular season. With the conclusion of each match, this page will be updated with the results.

During an interview with GameSpot, the developers at Blizzard, which includes game director Jeff Kaplan and league commissioner Nate Nanzer spoke about their hopes for what the Overwatch League can do to change esports. Be sure to check out our talks with the team behind Overwatch, and for more coverage of their new competitive league.

When: Here is the schedule for the second week of the first stage, which runs from January 17 to January 20.

January 17, Wednesday

  • San Francisco Shock - 1 VS Philadelphia Fusion - 2
  • Florida Mayhem - 0 VS Seoul Dynasty - 4
  • Houston Outlaws - 4 VS Shanghai Dragons - 0

January 18, Thursday

  • Dallas Fuel - 0 VS Houston Outlaws - 4
  • New York Excelsior - 3 VS Los Angeles Valiant - 0
  • Philidelphia Fusion - 2 VS Los Angeles Gladiators - 3

January 19, Friday

  • Seoul Dynasty - 4 VS Boston Uprising - 0
  • Shanghai Dragons - 0 VS Florida Mayhem - 4
  • London Spitfire - 3 VS Dallas Fuel - 1

January 20, Saturday

  • Los Angeles Valiant - 2 VS London Spitfire - 3
  • Los Angeles Gladiators - 0 VS New York Excelsior - 4
  • Boston Uprising - 2 VS San Francisco Shock - 3

Here are the details on where, when, and how you can keep up and follow your favorite teams during this second week of the Overwatch League regular season. In the meantime, you can start getting your hands on new Overwatch League skins in-game.

How and Where: Simply go to overwatchleague.com where live matches play out through an embedded Twitch livestream. Past matches will be archived under the site's Videos tab. You can also catch the matches directly on Twitch.com and at mlg.tv.

You can track your favorite teams, keep up with league news, and set alerts using the Overwatch League app. You can even customize spoiler settings so you can watch completed matches without knowing the outcome in advance.

Download the iOS version.

Download the Android version.

The Overwatch League and Twitch are also developing innovative rewards and other programs for fans, which will bestow the league’s most steadfast viewers with unique Overwatch League in-game items with exclusives. More details about insider content and additional rewards for the biggest fans, as well as Cheering with Overwatch League Cheermotes, will be announced as they become available. The matches will be broadcast on multiple channels with three different languages: English, French, and Korean.

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