Overwatch Is Adding New Dance Emotes, See Some Here

Bust a move.



Today in very serious news about Overwatch, Blizzard is adding more dance emotes to the shooter in its upcoming Anniversary update. Some of these were shown off in a trailer posted on Overwatch Brasil's Facebook page, including those for Sombra, Symmetra, and Zenyatta.

Additionally, PVP Live has discovered references to a new Gladiator vs. Challenger mode that could come to Overwatch in the new Anniversary update. Additionally, voice lines pertaining to characters talking about getting items like "treasure" have been discovered.

Go to PVP Live to learn more about the rumored Overwatch mode and features.

In other news, Blizzard has teased the new Arena maps coming to Overwatch with the Anniversary update.

Blizzard has confirmed the Overwatch anniversary event will start next week, giving players the opportunity to unlock more unique loot. Additionally, a Game of the Year edition is on the way, as well as a free weekend.

For fans of Overwatch's art, an art book and comic anthology is currently available to preorder. The former, according to the product listing, will have "never-before-seen art as well as commentary provided by the game's development team."

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