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Overwatch Image Appears to Tease New Healing Sniper Hero

The image features a sniper rifle surrounded by a couple of Overwatch's support items.


It looks like Overwatch's next hero could be a healing sniper. The Overwatch Twitter account posted a blueprint of a "Prototype Biotic Rifle," alongside some of the game's support tools.

The blueprint also features a conversation between Torbjorn and Mercy, where the two argue over the applications of the new rifle. The rifle makes use of Mercy's biotic technology, which powers her healing Caduceus Staff. Mercy worries about a weaponized version of the rifle, while Torbjorn says it's "only intended to be used for healing." Additionally, you can see Mercy's staff and Soldier 76's Biotic Field in the image below.

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Game director Jeff Kaplan talked about new heroes last month, saying there are some that "are very far along and others that are just getting started." He also mentioned that some of the heroes Blizzard's working on are prototypes and may never see an official release. We'll keep you updated as more information is revealed about this healing sniper.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard has taken legal action against German cheating company Bossland, which created an Overwatch tool that lets players see where enemies are and what their health status is.

Overwatch's Competitive Play mode released last week, but it seems that it's wrongly punishing players for disconnecting from matches. Kaplan has said that a fix is on its way this week.

Blizzard added a tribute to the Lijiang Tower map to honor an Overwatch fan who died a day before its release. The brave fan died while chasing a motorcycle thief on May 23.

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