Overwatch: Here's How Much Microtransactions Cost

You can spend $2-$50 to buy extra Loot Boxes.

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Blizzard's hero shooter Overwatch launches today, May 24, and like other AAA games, it has a variety of microtransactions available for players.

These come in the form of "Loot Boxes." As detailed on Xbox.com, they range in price from $2 for two boxes up to $40 for 50 boxes. Here is a full breakdown:

  • 2 Loot Boxes --$2
  • 5 Loot Boxes -- $5
  • 11 Loot Boxes -- $10
  • 24 Loot Boxes -- $20
  • 50 Loot Boxes -- $40

Loot Boxes come with random customization items that do not impact gameplay. You might get things like skins, emotes, victory poses, and new voice lines, among other things. There are four classifications of items: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

"Every Loot Box contains at least one rare quality or better item," according to the item's description. "If your Loot Box contains an item that is already in your collection, you will instead receive Credits."

Looking ahead, Blizzard has said all future Overwatch maps and characters will be free. Overwatch already has 21 different characters.

An update for Overwatch coming in June will introduce Competitive Play, which was dropped from the game's initial launch. Players can expect this update in mid-to-late June. There is no timetable yet for when new Overwatch characters and maps might come out, however.

Overwatch is available today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch GameSpot's review in progress above or check out our written thoughts. Additionally, here is a silly video of Conan O'Brien playing the game with Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey.

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