Overwatch Glitch Opens Lucioball Mode to Other Characters

People are bringing guns to a soccer-ball-punching fight.


The new limited-time Brawl mode added to Overwatch this week, Lucioball, restricts players to a modified version of Lucio. Despite this, some people have discovered it is possible to play as other characters--and the results aren't pretty for those Lucio players who can't fire their guns.

As documented in videos like the one below (via Reddit), pressing a certain key or button before a match of Lucioball sometimes results in being assigned a random character. The results are inconsistent, but there are numerous videos showing characters like Bastion, Winston, and Torbjorn sharing the stage with Lucios (who have altered abilities and no way to attack other players). Torbjorn is particularly problematic with his turret that won't feel any remorse as it mows down the enemy team.

Blizzard has indicated on Twitter that it's aware of the bug and is looking into it, so this exploit may not be available for much longer (if it hasn't been quietly addressed already).

Lucioball came as part of this week's Summer Games update, Overwatch's first seasonal event. Lucioball and the Summer Games loot boxes (containing new, exclusive items) will only be around until August 22. Blizzard recently defended the availability of the new cosmetic items and revealed the event may return next summer. The update also included other additions and changes, including some noteworthy tweaks on consoles.

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