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Overwatch Crammed Into Job Simulator In Dev Experiment

Let's hope Blizzard returns the favor by giving Reaper a pair of DLC staplers.


Job Simulator has been an introduction to VR for many, with its wacky tasks that encourage players to experiment and push their assumptions about what is possible in a video game, and more specifically in VR.

During an experiment weekend at Owlchemy Labs' office, developer Zi Ye created an homage to Overwatch in Job Simulator itself, replete with dual Reaper shotguns staplers (once one had been replicated in the Job Simulator's famous in-game photocopier, that is), a frozen hotdog version of Mei's ice wall, and a working representation of Widowmaker's sniper rifle, made out of a bottle of grape juice, an "I [heart] Job!" mug, and tape.

The player uses these items to defend against an attack from stylized versions of Pharah, McCree, and Reinhardt, all inside the familiar Job Simulator office level.

When asked whether an Overwatch expansion would be coming to the retail release of Job Simulator, Ye said it was a personal project only. We assume licensing for actual Job Simulator Overwatch DLC would be… expensive.

Owchemy Labs is currently working on Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality, alongside Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland and former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson. Check out our interview with the pair, or watch the resulting teaser trailer.

As well as taking home Game of the Year at this year's DICE Awards, Overwatch has recently been teasing a new character, check out the most recent hint, or the blog post that started it all.

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