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Overwatch Competitive Mode Wrongly Punished Players, Now Fixed [UPDATE]

Some Overwatch players are getting unfairly penalized in Competitive mode.


[UPDATE] This issue has been fixed. You can read more about it and the rest of the latest update here. The original story follows.

Overwatch's Competitive Play mode rolled out last week, but it seems that some players are having a frustrating time with the way it hands out penalties for mid-game disconnection. Blizzard has responded, saying there should "hopefully" be a fix coming soon.

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When a player disconnects from an Overwatch match, there's a chance they could be put back into it with no penalty charged if they reconnect successfully. However, it seems that many players are still receiving the penalty, which can effect Skill Ratings or result in a loss, even if they win the match. Director Jeff Kaplan wrote on the Blizzard forums that there are "some fixes coming (hopefully) next week."

Kaplan didn't delve further into the cause of the issue, as he is known to do with many issues and topics related to the game. Kaplan took to the forums to discuss new heroes and maps last month, saying that some of them might never "see the light of day." He even talked about a map that he says "was amazing yet a total disaster at the same time."

Competitive Play is out now for Overwatch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The console versions of Overwatch were supposed to launch this week; however, they were given an early launch and arrived on June 30.

You can check out GameSpot's beginner's guide to Competitive Play here. It's everything you need to know from getting started and understanding Skill Ratings to earning rewards and practicing proper player conduct.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard added an in-game tribute to a fan who passed away one day before the game released. The fan's name was embroidered on a spacesuit with a sign above it that says, "Heroes never die."

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