Overwatch Christmas Jingle Found in Data Files, Hints at New Event

Blizzard's shooter looks set to get a festive makeover.


Although Blizzard is yet to officially announce a Christmas Overwatch event, data miners have all but confirmed it by posted a new festive take on the game's theme tune on Reddit. You can listen to the jaunty little ditty below.

The existence of a Christmas-themed Overwatch event isn't exactly a surprise, as Blizzard has previously celebrated the Summer Games and Halloween by giving its team-based shooter a makeover to suit these. It has also said it plans to release more Overwatch DLC and launch new in-game events.

Along with new decorations on maps, it is expected that a selection of Overwatch's heroes will have new skins for players to unlock, in addition to fresh sprays and player icons. As mentioned previously, this has not been officially confirmed and is speculation based on previous events.

The data miners have also uncovered new voice lines, mainly involving Sombra, the latest hero to join Overwatch's roster of characters. There's one in which Reinhardt sounds like he's celebrating an arm wrestling victory over Zarya.

On November 22, Blizzard released a new and improved version of Symmetra on the Overwatch Public Test Realm. She has undergone some drastic changes to make her a more viable pick. In addition to a few tweaks to her core abilities, she's become the first character in the game to have two Ultimate abilities.

Another feature, called 'Stay as Team,' is also live now in the Overwatch Public Test Realm on PC. It introduces the ability to group up with random players after a game is completed, if you think you work well as a team and want to stay together.

In related news, Blizzard is seemingly working on an "unannounced first-person project," which would be its second first-person project after Overwatch.

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