Overwatch Business Model, Console Plans Undecided

Blizzard says, "there are smarter men than us figuring that out now."


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Blizzard Entertainment has not yet decided on a business model for its just-announced PC shooter Overwatch, the developer announced today during a panel for the game at Blizzcon.

Game director Jeff Kaplan and Blizzard senior vice president of story and franchise development Chris Metzen explained that no decisions have been made yet about free-to-play vs. paid.

"There are smarter men than us figuring that out now," Metzen said.

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Also during a presentation today, a fan asked if Overwatch was actually the game that the canceled MMO Titan had become. Metzen replied by saying that there is some "spiritual continuity" between Overwatch and Titan--a game he described as "kooky and ambitious."

Overwatch and Titan are "pretty different," Metzen said, though they may share similarities.

Another fan asked if Overwatch could come to consoles some day. Kaplan said, "That sounds awesome; that sounds really, really cool," explaining that PC is the only platform that Overwatch is 100 percent confirmed to appear on. "We would love to see Overwatch played on whatever it could be played on," he added.

Finally, yet another fan asked Kaplan and Metzen about PC requirements for Overwatch. The pair replied by saying final specs aren't yet locked down, though they reminded fans that Blizzard likes to make games that are playable on a range of rigs. Overall, Metzen said the PC requirements for Overwatch will be "pretty chill."

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Avatar image for simon1812

no PS4? aaww...


thats funny, when hit things with a hammer they just break, guessing that the difference between a professional and an amateur :D

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

I would pay 60$, please no F2P.

Avatar image for asilentfart

Ok a little off topic but an AD on the page asks "would you rather have an Xbox or $10 million?" Now who in their right mind would choose an Xbox? Seriously?

Avatar image for maletizer

<< LINK REMOVED >> Easy solution. Get the $10 million then buy the XBox and a PS4 and a PC and a WiiU and and and ....

Avatar image for infinite_ppl

<< LINK REMOVED >> Almost makes me regret getting an AdBlocker.

Avatar image for taz_stun

I would love a free to play ,but it wouldn't work and gladly there is no way this game will turn pay to win. So if it is free to play ,but not pay to win then the only way Blizzard could make money is if it had a load of cosmetics ,if they did that it would become just like Team Fortress 2 (Team Fortress 2 is my favorite game .)..............a pile of hats. I could probably see Blizzard adding weapons ,but there are loads of classes and they seem over powered as is. I hope this game is a success and not just because I'm crushing over Tracer ,but so.....................*thinking** that a huge and successful company like Blizzard comes out with a just an outright fun FPS. I really hope I get into the beta :D PS. Please no Subscriptions

Avatar image for maletizer

@taz_stun Hey Hearthstone is F2P and look how that kicked off. Blizzard has yet to disappoint, even in, for them, unfamiliar territory. We'll have to wait till the beta to confirm.

Avatar image for Sl4cka

Title: "Overwatch Business Model"

Article: "Blizzard Entertainment has not yet decided on a business model for its << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> shooter << LINK REMOVED >>"

Brilliant, GS should use this practice more often. A few dozen articles out of thin air just like that.

Avatar image for slicedbread117

After watching BlizzConn all day yesterday and getting incredibly excited for Overwatch, I come into the Gamespot comments and for the first time I realize that this is the angriest, saddest, most negative comment section on a gaming site. I've been a part of Gamespot for 5 years and now I'm realizing that it's like everyone here is just mad at the world until the get everything they want. For God's sake show some respect and joy that we even have video games and if you don't like this particular game, don't cry and rant about it. How about say thanks to the people who create video games for a living because they love playing them just like we do. SO. FREAKING. NEGATIVE.

Avatar image for maletizer

<< LINK REMOVED >> I completely agree. I think this also has something to do with "haters" being more impulsive and commenting on everything while the people that love video games keep quiet and enjoy the games for what they are. AC: Unity has just been released and alot of people are bashing it for just one reason: it's buggy. I seem to recall a game by the name Red Dead Redemption that was infested with bugs, but it was a great game either way and people played the shit out of it (excuse my language). Gamers have become so pessimistic and sensitive that I'm ashamed sometimes to proclaim myself one. Get over it guys. Buy it or don't, it's your choice and not the developers fault.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is nothing man, check out IGN's comments lol

Avatar image for asilentfart

IGN is way worse!

Avatar image for slicedbread117

Yikes. That's why I stay away from IGN I guess lol.

Avatar image for basedxghost

<< LINK REMOVED >> agreed

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

Another «F2P» game. Legacy of the Void as a full price stand alone. No Warcraft 4. Can't let go of WoW. Oh Blizz...

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

Overwatch RMAH confirmed.

Avatar image for The3DWizard

Shooter an Console is probably not Blizzards domain. The only real thing I fear though for this game is that it will be pay to win or as some call it free to play.

Avatar image for Erllun

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't think it'll ever be pay to win... it may run a business like the ones at moba games with cosmetic stuff and maybe more heroes to buy with in game currency or cash.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Playing FPS on consoles is morally wrong.

Avatar image for Barighm

@uninspiredcup Master Chief would like a word with you, which is to say, you're about to be stickied.

Avatar image for archav3n

Trust me it will be on consoles. PC is dead.

Avatar image for AlfaxD_Centauro


And the player base on console would drop after a new shooter comes out.
PC gaming it's about longevity, that is something that you can't find in consoles.
Blizzard keeps supporting WoW, a 10 year old game (with 10 years more already planned), Starcraft BW multiplayer, a 16 year old game, Warcraft 3 multiplayer, a 12 year old game. All of them from Blizzard, and as well many other PC games.

In other words, Overwatch will be abandoned on consoles in a long term, and on PC still kicking as Team Fortress, there are barely players in the console version.
Avatar image for mrshameless

@archav3n A lot of evidence disproves PC is dead.


Avatar image for Masenkoe

<< LINK REMOVED >> ayy lmao

Avatar image for Mr_BillGates

PC devs are awful. Keep it on the PC. Thanks.

Avatar image for borkkmor00

<< LINK REMOVED >> 75 million active users on steam say different.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

Make it F2P with paid alt costumes and it'll be a success.

Avatar image for implodinggoat

It will be a WiiU exclusive.

Avatar image for SrTVBR

What a crap game

Avatar image for GH05T-666

Looks great, id buy on console or pc

Avatar image for Skrewdriven

"Console plans undecided"...SUUUUUURE, game looks bleh imo.

Avatar image for Vojtass

Smarter men --> Bobby.


Avatar image for lostn

This is a surprise. Blizzard's first shooter. And a new IP at last. It's been 16 years since the last new IP.

Avatar image for zyxahn

This isn't the 90's guys you have to put it on consoles if you want the success your used to having. Like I said I have a PC so no harm either way with me but come on Blizzard. You can't be PC only with this game. MMO's and RTS games sure but not shooters.

Avatar image for zrex2metagor

@zyxahn Shooters are meant for PCs, M/K end of story. Controllers with aim assist is fine but thats letting the game do half the thing for you. And you're right, this aint the 90's, which is exactly why making it go PC makes perfect sense. Everytime theres a PC exclusive theres these people that keep moaning about the thing going to consoles, yet everytime someone asks for Halo or INfamous to go to PC's, all these console peasants all start conplaining about petitions and sh1t. Yeah console peasants and master race, I guess the terms are justifiable now. Oh and having a pc doesnt make you a PC gamer, gaming on the PC is what does.

Well the PC's getting enough exclusives now :)

Avatar image for papachump

NO. Shooters are NOT made for m/kb.

NOTHING is made for a keyboard except typing. PC devs have spent decades shoehorning games to work with a keyboard because it's the most common input device for a pc, and because it has so many individual "buttons" devs can be lazy about input commands.

Shooters work better with a mouse or trackball because it allows for direct aim control which an analog stick does not. Otherwise keyboard has zero advantage when devs incorporate proper controller support.

This has always been an industry conundrum. Why we have yet to see a proper controller with a trackball for aiming instead of a second analog stick i can't say, but it is sorely needed to bridge the pc console handicap divide and eschew the need for aim assist.

Avatar image for deathstream


They have to maintain their rep as a PC first dev, so they have to say that they don't know about consoles yet, but you are correct and Blizzard knows it. Diablo 3 was designed from the ground up to be a console game.

Avatar image for llong187

<< LINK REMOVED >> The new Unreal Tournament and Cliffy B's new game (both shooters) are going to be PC only too. I guess they are doomed to fail by your logic.

Anyway a lot of the Heroes in the game look very Twitch based in gameplay. Those style shooters do very well on PC. Also blizzard tends to make their games run on a toaster if need be, so that opens it up more to players. Trust me this game will do fine with out console support.

That being said I have nothing against a console port, but I feel it will suffer the same fate as TF2 and CS:GO on the console. Two very popular PC games but not so much on the consoles.

Avatar image for Lambchopzin

<< LINK REMOVED >> Diablo 3 sold well over 10 million copies on PC a lone, so I'm not sure where this idea comes from exactly. Funnily enough there are probably more dedicated PC gamers now then when D3 came out as it's a demographic that has been growing fairly quickly over the last few years. Blizzard has proven that they can be extremely succesful as a PC exclusive developer, although I certainly don't care if they make console games too.

Avatar image for lostn

<< LINK REMOVED >> Blizzard games have always sold fine on PC alone. They are the exception. Diablo, Warcraft, SC, all sell 10+ million copies.

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