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Overwatch Business Model, Console Plans Undecided

Blizzard says, "there are smarter men than us figuring that out now."

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Blizzard Entertainment has not yet decided on a business model for its just-announced PC shooter Overwatch, the developer announced today during a panel for the game at Blizzcon.

Game director Jeff Kaplan and Blizzard senior vice president of story and franchise development Chris Metzen explained that no decisions have been made yet about free-to-play vs. paid.

"There are smarter men than us figuring that out now," Metzen said.

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Also during a presentation today, a fan asked if Overwatch was actually the game that the canceled MMO Titan had become. Metzen replied by saying that there is some "spiritual continuity" between Overwatch and Titan--a game he described as "kooky and ambitious."

Overwatch and Titan are "pretty different," Metzen said, though they may share similarities.

Another fan asked if Overwatch could come to consoles some day. Kaplan said, "That sounds awesome; that sounds really, really cool," explaining that PC is the only platform that Overwatch is 100 percent confirmed to appear on. "We would love to see Overwatch played on whatever it could be played on," he added.

Finally, yet another fan asked Kaplan and Metzen about PC requirements for Overwatch. The pair replied by saying final specs aren't yet locked down, though they reminded fans that Blizzard likes to make games that are playable on a range of rigs. Overall, Metzen said the PC requirements for Overwatch will be "pretty chill."

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