Overwatch Art Book Is $100 And Over 8 Pounds

A voluminous tome of Overwatch assets.


The weight of a book is an odd number to highlight, but the heft of The Art of Overwatch is the first thing that stands out when you lift this voluminous tome. Publisher Dark Horse Comics recently sent us a print of the eight-pound book to check out, as well as some scans from inside that you can read in the gallery below.

Matching the book's weight is an equally heavy price tag: $100. But the Limited Edition includes more than just a hardcover book dedicated to Overwatch. There are three art prints (though only two display cases), a Tracer slipcase for the book, and a magnetically sealed box rounds out the set.

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The scans Dark Horse sent reveal sketches from the Halloween update and concept art for the Horizon Lunar Colony. But that's just a fraction of the art in the book's 367 pages, other chapters cover heroes, skins, spray, origin stories, and promotional art for the game. The book itself is available for a somewhat more modest MSRP of $50, and both it and the Limited Edition set are set to release on October 24.

Overwatch's most recent update, the Junkertown map, recently went live on PTR for PC, and it's expected to make its way to the full game soon. After that, Blizzard likely has some big announcements in store for its popular shooter--Halloween is fast approaching, which is likely to bring more skins as well as a new mode. And the annual Blizzcon conference in November is sure to reveal even more intriguing surprises. You can see what's in this year's Blizzcon goodie bag in our video here.

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