Overwatch Announces Big Changes For Competitive

Competitive Season 6 won't be like the others.


Blizzard has posted the newest in-depth Overwatch "Developer Update" video in which game director Jeff Kaplan outlined some major changes coming to the game. This newest video pertains specifically to Competitive Season 6--and a lot is changing.

Starting off, seasons will be run for two months instead of three months. Blizzard tested one-month seasons, and that was too short, and so it came to be that seasons would be three months long. Blizzard found that people tried harder and had more fun in the first month of the current three-month format, so the decision was ultimately made to drop it down to two months. As always, Blizzard says it will listen to feedback and the new, two-month format could be tweaks again if need be.

Also new for Season 6 will be adjustments to Competitive Point values, while the changes to Skill Rating decay are on the way "and will be less punitive." Another big change is that Control maps are going to be best-of-three instead of best-of-five.

Additionally, placement matches in Season 6 have been adjusted so that they deliver more accurate skill ratings, while higher-level matches are going to be better balanced; the tradeoff here is that matchmaking times could be longer.

These are just a few of the points that Kaplan covered in his talk. Be sure to watch the full video embedded above to learn more. Overwatch Season 5 ends on August 28, with Season 6 kicking off after that.

In other Overwatch news, the latest seasonal event, Summer Games, is now in its final week. So go get those skins now while you still can!

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