Overwatch Adds A New Map, Malevento, To PC's PTR

The new map, Malevento, is available in Overwatch's PTR build right now, with a full launch coming in September.


Even with Overwatch 2 on the way, new Overwatch content is hitting the game in the meantime. To that end, the game is receiving a brand-new map today titled Malevento, but not everyone playing Overwatch will be able to check it out yet.

Malevento is now available on the game's PTR (Public Test Region) builds, which are available to PC players only. It should also be noted that players won't be missing out on a new map for one of the game's staple objective-based modes if they're on console or don't move over to the PTR build. Molevento is exclusively a free-for-all deathmatch map.

While images of the map don't offer the best look at what players can expect from it, a statement from Blizzard on the map alludes to a lot of verticality. "Discover the best corners for your Junkrat tires and the best rooftop views for your Widowmaker snipe shots," reads the statement. Malevento is currently scheduled to leave PTR and move onto public builds of Overwatch on September 28.

The release of this map coincides with Blizzard revealing it will change the name of McCree. That's due to the character being named after an ex-Blizzard staffer, Jesse McCree, who has been ousted from the company amid California's ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

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