Overwatch Adding Halloween-Themed Content Soon, According to a Leak

No word yet on if there will be a new Lucioball-type mode.


Much as it did for this year's Summer Olympics, Overwatch will soon introduce new Halloween-themed items through special loot boxes, if an Xbox Store listing is any indication.

While Blizzard has not yet announced any official plans for a Halloween event, it seems like a natural fit. The Xbox Store confirmed this with a listing for Halloween loot boxes that was shared on Reddit.

Image credit: ChronosHero on Reddit
Image credit: ChronosHero on Reddit

We don't yet know specifics on what it contains, but the description outlines what types of items you'll find, and again it sounds like those who played during the Olympics event will know what to expect. There will be over 100 new items in all, covering skins, highlight intros, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, and player icons.

Assuming this does all work like the Olympics event, you can expect these Halloween loot boxes to take the place of the standard ones for the duration of the event. There's no start date mentioned, but the description mentions this coming to a close on November 1, so it stands to reason that this will likely begin fairly soon.

The one obvious thing that's missing from all of this is a Lucioball-esque mode. You wouldn't expect that to be mentioned in a loot box listing on the store, but that was the other major component of the Olympics event, so there will likely be an expectation of something similar.

We'll report back as soon as Blizzard announces the event or we learn anything more.

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