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Overwatch 2's Update Roadmap Features New Characters, Story Missions, And Reworks

Two new heroes and several modes and maps are on the way.


Following Blizzard's announcement that Overwatch 2's highly-anticipated PvE Hero mode has been scrapped, the studio has revealed a first look at the game's 2023 roadmap. While not particularly descriptive, the image offers players a glimpse at Overwatch 2's upcoming game modes, cinematics, themes, and seasonal events, as well as two new Heroes.

Based on the details provided, it appears as if Overwatch Season 5 will have a medieval-fantasy setting, perhaps titled Mischief and Magic. The highlight of this theme is the season's limited-time event, Questwatch. No additional information about this event has been revealed, but its image on the banner depicts a fantasy map with a castle, mountains, towering evil lair, and more. Season 5 will also feature a new cinematic starring one cute-looking canine companion, the return of Overwatch's Summer Games, a 5v5 mini Competitive season, a Creator Workshop, and content celebrating Overwatch 2's one-year anniversary.

For those still reeling over Blizzard's decision to cut the game's story mode, it appears that at least some narrative is coming to the game in the form of Story Missions in Season 6. In addition, both a Hero Mastery section and Player Progression system are listed as coming to the game. While it's unclear if these will function similarly to the versions shown back in 2021, the names of these features make it sound as if there will be some similarity.

Overwatch 2's new roadmap
Overwatch 2's new roadmap

Season 6 will also include a new mode or event called Flashpoint, a new firing range, and a new Support Hero.

Season 7 and beyond will most prominently feature a new Omnic Tank hero. The game's future plans also include a Roadhog rework, the addition of a Lore Codex, a rework for Sombra, the return of fan-favorite modes (including Competitive Mystery Heroes), a new Control map, a new collaboration event, and a new winter seasonal event. Additionally, players can expect more cinematic debuts and the introduction of Hero Master Missions, which are listed as multiplayer experiences.

Currently, Overwatch 2 is in the middle of its fourth season, which kicked off April 11 and is anticipated to run until mid-June. This season introduced the game's newest support Hero, Lifeweaver, as well as several quality-of-life changes. However, only time will tell if these changes will be enough to keep players engaged following the game's pivot away from PvE.

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