Overwatch 2's Newest Map Is Set In Portugal And Promises Plenty Of Flanking Opportunities

Esperança is the latest Push mode map to come to the game.


In addition to new Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko, Blizzard has also revealed its next map for the upcoming shooter: Esperança. Set in Portugal, Esperança is the latest Push mode map to come to the game, and features more opportunities for flanking than any map before it.

In a recent press junket detailing the new map, art director Dion Rodgers stated that Esperança will feature a winding path with gradual inclines on either side and plenty of openings for hero mobility. Rodgers explained this design is due to Esperança's nature as a Push mode map.

In Push mode, teams are tasked with guiding a robot placed in the middle of the level to either side in order to win the match. By having a spiral-shaped map with plenty of paths cutting through it, players are relieved of the frustration that comes with having to take a long, quiet walk back to the battle if they are killed.

Additionally, Rodgers elaborated that Esperança will also be fairly symmetrical in order to keep the playing field even. The two sides of the map will still be distinct from each other thanks to slight variations in their color scheme, however, as well as slight changes in architecture--this will ensure players are aware of what side of the map they are on.

When asked what factors and research went into creating Esperança, Rodgers revealed that both Overwatch 2's lead environmental artist and a handful of members on staff are from Portugal. As such, accuracy was incredibly important to them. The team reportedly studied vacation photos, books, and did plenty of research online to create the map. Blizzard even sent a sound team to Portugal to capture location-accurate ambient sound. Rodgers remarked that one of the team member's wives "got a tear in her eye" over the map's authenticity. Overwatch 2's senior hero designer, Piero Herrera, added that he is fluent in Portuguese, and found the use of music and language in the level incredibly immersive.

The team remained coy when asked about if there would be any Easter eggs--particularly in relation to the Brazilian hero, Lucio--in the level. They said players will have to explore Esperança and find out for themselves. Similarly, the team neither confirmed nor denied whether a Portuguese Overwatch 2 character was on the way; instead saying, "We're always looking to add more diverse characters to Overwatch."

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