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Overwatch 2 - Tracer Hero Guide

Tracer in Overwatch 2 is one of the FPS game's fastest heroes, capable of harrying opponents and leading them into ruin.


Tracer in Overwatch 2 remains one of the most versatile DPS characters and a change from your usual strikers. While Tracer can still wrack up the damage counters, her biggest utility is in flanking, confusing, and distracting the enemy. Just make sure to watch her back. Tracer won’t last long in a direct fight.Here's all you need to know if you're planning on making this front-and-center hero your main.

You can see how all heroes, including this one, stack up in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list, DPS tier list, and support tier list. Where did your favorite land?

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Tracer overview

Tracer is a DPS hero who prioritizes speed over fancy weaponry. Her pulse pistols are the only damage-dealing ability she has, outside her ultimate, which means she can take a bit of getting used to if you’re expecting something like a fast Soldier 76. However, Tracer’s speediness is even more useful in Overwatch 2 than it ever was, as flanking and quick maneuvers take on more important roles and digging in with your tank is a thing of the past.

Tracer abilities

  • Pulse Pistols: Unleashes rapid-fire blasts from two pistols
  • Blink: Tracer teleports horizontally in the indicated direction. Can be used three times consecutively
  • Recall: Returns Tracer to a few seconds earlier in time
  • Pulse Bomb: Tracer throws a bomb that attaches to a character or surface and explodes after a few seconds

Now you see them

Tracer’s Blink ability makes her one of the fastest characters in the game. Unlike Genji, whose dash ability only works once before going on a long cooldown, Tracer can use hers almost constantly, as Blink has three charges. It only takes three seconds to restore one charge, so you can dash in and out of danger before enemies can even react.

Blink lends itself to a different kind of DPS, one better suited to flanking opposing teams and picking off their more vulnerable characters, such as Ana or other pesky supports. It also helps keep Tracer out of trouble. Rare is the situation where Tracer finds herself trapped and unable to get away, so don’t hesitate to adopt a slightly riskier style with her.

If I could turn back time

Tracer’s Recall ability also lends itself well to an aggressive and risky playstyle. Recall lets Tracer return to a point a few seconds previously, restoring her ammo in the process and returning her HP to the level it was at that time. The ability is highly useful in a pinch, but it also keeps your opponent guessing.

Tracer excels at fast-paced combat and creating distractions.
Tracer excels at fast-paced combat and creating distractions.

Tracer phases out of sight for a brief moment when she uses Blink as well. Your target might anticipate your Blink dash, but if you interrupt the movement with Blink and retreat, only to come back after they move on or from a different angle, you get a brief moment where you can surprise them again.

It’s a trap!

Playing Tracer as a harassment DPS has another benefit aside from flanking vulnerable enemies. Tracer can distract the enemy’s DPS or Tank and, if you’re lucky, potentially even antagonize them enough where they break their concentration and come after her instead of pursuing their original target. If they don’t, then Tracer can also just keep zipping around and firing at them.

Take care if you adopt this strategy, though, and make good use of Blink and Recall to keep Tracer out of harm’s way. She may be fast, but she can’t hold her own in single combat. If you can get the enemy to chase you, lead them to another DPS or your team’s tank so they can finish the job. Alternatively, cooperate with your team’s second DPS to blitz your target without leading them around.

  • Tracer has low HP, which means she can get one-shotted easily. Avoid open spaces when playing as her
  • Recall saves Tracer from falling off the stage as well
  • Tracer’s burst pistols fire quickly and have low ammo capacity, so make sure to aim carefully to make the most of each round
  • Tracer’s ultimate can damage herself as well, so make sure to run after activating it
  • Try luring enemies off ledges or into disadvantageous positions before using Recall to escape

If you’re keen on experimenting with other Overwatch 2 roles, check out our tank hero tier list and support hero tier list to see how they all match up. Or find another damage-focused hero for yourself with our DPS tier list.

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