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Overwatch 2 - Torbjorn Hero guide

Torbjorn can build a turret to help him and his team on the battlefield.


Torbjorn is one of the many returning heroes in Overwatch 2 and he remains largely unchanged from the original game. Armed with a Rivet Gun and an auto-turret, Torbjorn is great for defending an objective or providing your team with a bit of extra fire power. Torbjorn can also be used to set up a chokepoint in the new Push game mode as well. Here's how to best utilize Torbjorn in Overwatch 2.

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Torbjorn overview

Torbjorn is a damage dealer who has an auto turret he can set up to deal additional damage. While the auto turret has a high damage output, Tobjorn himself is still capable of dealing damage to enemies all on his own. In addition to the turret, Torbjorn is equipped with a Rivet Gun, which can fire long distance projectiles or a short distance shotgun blast. Trobjorn also has the ability to Overload, increasing his speed and attack rate. His ultimate is Molten Core, which covers a section of the map in hot lava, which kills enemies standing in it.

Torbjorn abilities

Rivet Gun: Primary fire is a slow-firing, long-ranged weapon. Secondary fire is an inaccurate but powerful short-ranged blast.

Forge Hammer: Swing to repair turret damage or deal damage to enemies.

Deploy Turret: Deploy a self-building turret.

Overload: Gain additional health as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed.

Molten Core ultimate: Create pools of molten slag that damages enemies and deals additional damage to armor.

Find a nice place to set up

Torbjorn is at his best when you can have your turret set up in a nice place. It can shoot long distances, it just needs to have a line of sight to attack an enemy. While you can spend time repairing the turret, the cooldown on setting up a new one is relatively short so you don't need to spend too much time babysitting it. Instead, use the turret as a distraction. While the enemy team is focusing on trying to take down the turret, it provides an opportunity for your team to attack while they aren't paying attention. If you are looking for a solid place to set the Torbjorn turret, look for places people might not immediately think to look.

Torbjorn himself can deal damage, as long as its not long range

Torbjorn's Rivet Gun has a long effective range, but you will need to lead your shots.
Torbjorn's Rivet Gun has a long effective range, but you will need to lead your shots.

Torbjorn himself is a great damage dealer, with his high-powered Rivet Gun. The Rivet Gun deals solid damage, functioning similar to Cassidy's revolver, although it isn't hit-scan. It's projectile based, so hitting enemies at range or a flying Pharah might be harder than you expect, although the Rivet Gun doesn't have much of a damage drop off over distance, so if you land any of those long distance shots it will do some nice damage. While in a fight, using Torbjorn's Overload will give you a big advantage, giving you extra health, and a faster rate of fire, among other speed boosts. This can turn the tide of battle and it has a relatively short cooldown, so there is no need to be picky when you let it off.

Molten Core

Torbjorn's ultimate ability can be a little tricky to use the first few times, but it deals a ton of damage and can zone enemies away from an objective. When activated Torbjorn will have a few seconds to spew molten lava on the ground. The lava doesn't stack on itself, so you will want to spread it out as much as possible. Enemies quickly burn to death when standing on the lava, but it's fairly easy for them to avoid once it's on the ground. A good way to make sure you get some kills with it is to throw it down where the enemy is currently standing, forcing them to either quickly evade or get killed. It can also be used to block off pathing to the objective, so if there is a single chokepoint, that's a good place to throw it.

Other Torbjorn tips

  • Torbjorn's turret cooldown begins when it is placed, but the cooldown restarts if the placed turret is destroyed. A new turret cannot be placed while your turret is either shooting or being shot at.
  • The Rivet Gun can still headshot enemies when being alt-fired.
  • The extra health is gained via Overload goes away when the ability ends, so it can't be used to heal yourself.
  • You can kill enemies with the Forge Hammer, but it's not very effective. It does have its own icon in the kill feed though, if you want to embarrass an enemy player.
  • Torbjorn's turrets build themselves, but it takes a few seconds after being placed before it can start shooting.

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